The New Face of Business – Enterprise 2.0

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Enterprise 2.0

Just another blog, this must be the feeling many face when exposing themselves to an estimated audience of 2,267,233,742, and with those numbers in mind it’s important to understand what makes blogging a success! Lets first establish from a business perspective, what those numbers mean.

For a business to thrive they require clientele, who generate income and the aim is to grow this income and create a thriving business. In essence, these numbers should represent an opportunity for success! Think about it, 2,276,233,742 potential income streams from across the globe, a platform that has seen 528% growth in just 10 years and is still growing on a daily basis, it’s a very sound investment so long as you do it right!

Truly successful blogs all have three things:

1. High quality content that is relevant to the subject matter the blog is devoted too

2. Consistent updates with new content, thus commitment to their readership.

3. Interaction with their readership


So what do all three of these have in common? In a word, trust.

Trust is what needs to be established with a readership in order to turn an ordinary blog into an extraordinary one. Ultimately what you want to achieve is a level of trust from your readership that you will not only provide new and high quality content, but do so on a regular basis to demonstrate your commitment to them.

The final clincher centres around interacting with the readership which ensures they feel their opinions are valid and they’re not being taken for granted. This feedback can be invaluable as it can be used to gauge what content should be included or not included, trending topics as well establishing yourself in a reciprocal relationship with your readers.


So what’s the purpose of this blog? In short, to create the only definitive and consistent source of high quality content you will need, that both inform readers on Enterprise 2.0 topics, as well as give in-depth insights into how they can leverage this new medium to obtain or maintain a business advantage over the competition.

In order to achieve this I draw on a large web of resources (no pun intended) in order to deliver accurate, current and juicy content that will ensure readers are exposed to trending topics, insightful interviews with industry experts and invaluable resources that they need to stay ahead of the game.

At the end of the day time is money, and I would hazard a guess that the rest of my readership like myself are starved for spare time in our day to day lives. With that in mind, each and every post is designed with two things in mind, being a high Return on Investment for their time, and to present things in a fun, informative yet easy to digest format.

So how do I get people to follow me?

For a start, aimlessly spamming your blog link or incessantly asking people to follow you on Twitter without actually contributing anything to the discussion at hand is nothing short of SPAM, Stupid, Petty, Aimless and Meaningless. This is the WRONG way to do things, as it sets you up as a person who only cares about themselves, rather than a member and contributor to the broader community you are blogging with.

What, you thought you were alone? There are entire communities already out there, part of your mission to gain readership is to gain an understanding of the community you are joining. What makes them tick, what makes them excited, scared, happy or downright raging mad!

Start reading and commenting on those who already have made it big, no one became an expert or authority on a subject overnight, no are they always going to have all the answers let along the right ones. Once you have read something, comment on it but ensure you are applying your knowledge and giving quality input to the discussion, then offer your contribution via a link to a blog post you have written that would add value to your audience. This approach ensures you are perceived as a valid contributor rather than an ego driven keyboard warrior.

Miriam Buhr has an excellent introduction on How To Create A Successful Blogging Strategy with Momentum that I found very interesting to read, and quite helpful in regards to time management strategies.

Over the coming weeks I will provide examples of what I feel are excellent blogs, what makes them successful and how you can replicate these elements to ensure your blog is a success!


  1. calvinpang0831 says:

    Hi Sawyer

    I enjoyed reading your tips on blogging, especially the ‘trust’ part, where you establish trust through readership. I have read many blogs over the last couple of weeks and most tips did not include trust through readership, which now that I think of it, is very important. Readers should feel that the blogger have put in high quality content and a high degree of honesty and trust in their content. In saying that, please do comment on my blog at and let me know what I can improve on 😀



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