Making the most of your ‘free’ WordPress Blog

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Enterprise 2.0

Nothing to do on the weekend or being kept awake by your significant other snoring like a steam train at 3am in the morning? Why not upgrade your WordPress blog!?

I stumbled across 30 Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks on HONGKIAT.COM and some of them are great!

My quick list that I would give a go include:

10. for WordPress which links back to your account and shares your bookmarks

16. How to avoid duplicate posts

19. save buttons to encourage users to bookmark your website

27. WordPress exploit scanner to ensure your site doesn’t have any buggy code

and my personal favourite

32. Create and Ajax-based auto-completing search field to guide your users.

I will be giving these a go over the weekend, once they’ve been tested I will let you all know so you can attempt to use / break them for me!

On a final note, some South African friends of mine put me onto a cider called Savanna – Dry.

For a refreshing afternoon drink give this a try

1. Buy 4 pack Savanna Dry and 2 lemons

2. Chill cider in fridge or freezer (don’t forget it’s in the freezer! I can’t stress this enough!)

3. Cut lemons into wedges and grind rock salt over them, the ratio of salt to lemon will depend on your palate, I prefer 2 lemon wedges (about 1/2 inch thick) with a decent dusting of salt.

4. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the lemon until most of the juice is out.

5. Open a cider and take a couple of drinks out of it to make room for the lemon. OK…but not amazing, correct?

6. Add the lemon pieces, then pour in the juice. This may froth up at you depending on the temperate of the cider.

7. Place your thumb over the top of the bottle and invert 2 – 3 times.

8. Drink up!

It might take a couple of ciders to adjust the salt vs lemon ratio but this a light, refreshing drink that always seems to hit the spot on a hot day.
Drink responsibly and enjoy,



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